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Developed in technical collaboration with Genosa of Spain, CanOlive is the only specially balanced cooking oil available in Pakistan that combines some of the well-known health benefits of Olive Oil with the many heart healthy properties of Canola and Sunflower Oils in one affordable, great tasting package.

Olive Oil is world famous for its many wonderful and unique health properties. Studies have suggested that Olive Oil not only promotes a healthy heart but also affords protection against developing diabetes, blood pressure and some forms of cancer. Unfortunately Olive Oil is a very expensive oil, and also has a strong flavor that is not suited to Pakistani cooking.

CanOlive is the only cooking oil that combines the key health benefits of Olive Oil into an affordable and great tasting formulation of premium quality Canola and Sunflower Oils.

CanOlive does this by incorporating Hydroxytyrosol into its formulation. Scientific research has discovered that Hydroxytyrosol is the main Anti-oxidant compound of Olive Oil and the key constituent that gives Olive Oil many of its health properties. Hydroxytyrosol has been shown by biomedical researchers to promote heart and cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of developing diabetes, reduce inflammation and protect cells - especially brain cells - against oxidative stress.

The formulation of CanOlive is designed to keep the amount of saturated fats to less than 10%, an advantage over pure olive oil that has higher saturated fat. In addition CanOlive contains omega 3 from Canola and alpha-tocopherols (natural vitamin E) and omega 6 from Sunflower. The human body needs Omega 3 & 6 for proper functioning of the brain, central nervous system and the eyes, in addition for adequate protection against heart attacks and strokes.

CanOlive is thus the first cooking oil of its kind that combines the health properties of Canola and Sunflower Oil with all the goodness of Olive Oil, making it your ideal choice for preparing healthy, great tasting meals.

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