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Our newest product line,  a range of specialty fats designed to give optimum performance to the end user. Our specialty fats division employs a dedicated Research and Development effort to continuously improve the functionality of our fats and develop ever better products according to the customer’s needs and requirements.


This is a puff pastry fat for commercial usage by bakeries. Royal Puff is especially formulated to be tough yet plastic and to have a flat SFI  profile. It allows the baker to easily spread the fat on the dough for repeated folding and rolling without compromising the integrity and distinctiveness of the multiple pastry layers. It then helps to keep the layers apart in the oven to achieve maximum lift and puffiness for the pastry. Hence it is Ideal for making all kinds of puff pastries including patties, cream rolls and baqir khani.

Royal Puff is produced using the best ingredients and its quality is checked at every step by our in-house oil chemists and baking experts.

Currently available in packing of 8 X 2 Kg bricks packed In 16 Kg cartons.


This is a baking fat primarily targeted to the biscuit making industry. Royal-Bake is specially designed to be plastic at dough mixing temperatures to ensure smooth, lump free mixing that will provide an even, hole free crumb structure to the biscuit. At the same time its resistance to oxidative rancidity is enhanced to extend the shelf life of biscuit.

Royal Bakes efficacy is also routinely checked both in our QA lab and in our application lab by our baking experts. In addition to biscuit baking, Royal-Bake has also provided good results in cakes.

Currently available in packing of polythene lined 16 Kg cartons.  


This is another functional fat designed to economically replace butter and cream in biscuit and pastry sandwich fillings and icing formulations. Royal Crème is formulated to have a steep SFI profile that melts quickly in the mouth to give a pleasant. non-greasy mouth-feel. At the same time its SFI profile is designed to provide adequate aeration at mixing temperatures as well as easy shearing at depositing temperatures.

Currently available in packing of polythene lined 16 Kg cartons.


This is a plasticized vegetable fat designed to replace milk fat for addition to wet skimmed milk. It has been formulated to impart a flavor and mouth feel to the milk that is relatively similar to natural milk fat. The wet milk with added Zaiqa DFA can then be spray dried to produce an economical full fat (vegetable fal replaced) milk powder. Keeping this in mind the SMP of the fat is adjusted to prevent powder-clumping, while its resistance to oxidation ensures extended shelf life.

Currently available in packing of polythene lined 16 Kg cartons.


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