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Zaiqa® Bansapati

Zaiqa Banaspati is the company oldest and best selling product. It is a high quality cooking medium made from 100% pure, carefully selected vegetable based oils such as Palm Oil and its fractions, Soybean Oil, Cottonseed Oil and Sunflower Oil. All the oils are fully refined and then blended and processed to produce Zaiqa Banaspati for use in general purpose cooking. The end product has a distinct grain and creamy colour. Great care is taken to ensure the purity of the product and all quality standards are strictly adheard to. Unlike most of our competing brands we refrain from adding any artificial flavour to our product. This makes our brand 100% pure and best preserves the natural flavours of the food being cooked.

Zaiqa Banaspati is free from cholesterol and is fortified with Vitamins A & D. Moreover, commencing from June 2006, our Banaspati for home use has been made Transfat Free with a Transfat content of less that 1.5%.  This, together with it being free from artificfal flavours, makes Zaiqa undoubtedly the healthiest brand of Banaspati available in Pakislan today.

Available in packs:  Tins (16Kg, 5Kg, 2.5Kg), food grade plastic buckets (10Kg, 5Kg and 2.5Kg), and food grade pouches (1 Kg, 0.5 Kg, and 0.25 Kg).

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